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Culture Sans Filtre podcast

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

From Shiran (lifereporter on Instagram) Today we present you a special episode recorded in conjunction with the exhibition "Reflections, Contemporary Art from the Middle East and North Africa". Culture sans filtre invites @VenetiaPorter, curator of Islamic and contemporary Middle Eastern art at the British Museum. In this special episode, we offer a short introduction to the exhibition and the book "Reflections, contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa" and Venetia Porter offers insights on the art scene in the region and the role of the curator as she sees it. 8éme épisode de @Culturesansfiltre , 1er épisode des interviews, est maintenant disponible: Spotify: Soundcloud: Apple Podcasts: Deezer: Une initiative de la Fondation Rambourg Tunisie - مؤسسة رامبورغ تونس , Elsa Despiney et Shiran Ben Abderrazak


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